Sunday, January 17, 2021

A decade!

Pic of the Week

I went paddle boarding yesterday because it was 80 degrees and, though you can't see him very well, I ran into a giant bull harbor seal.  I didn't want to get much closer because I'm all about not disturbing animals and what not.  

What's going on?

Can't believe I forgot to write about this last week, but I have now officially been in Los Angeles for 10 years!  10!!!  That is bananas to me.  I don't know what I imagined long-term when moving to LA, but the last 10 years has certainly been an adventure.  😂 I have never lived anywhere longer.  Consecutively, at least.  Technically I lived in Salt Lake for 11 years, but that was split between two very different times in my life. And what a decade it's been.  In the last ten years I:

Lived in 4 different apartments with 7 different roommates.
Bought a scooter.
Put nearly 70,000 miles on that scooter.
Was on 3 TV shows.
Was in 14 commercials, that I remember.
Worked 14 part-time jobs, that I remember.
Auditioned for hundreds of projects.
Had 4 different primary care physicians.
Crashed my scooter twice.
Broke one bone.
Worked with a Goonie.
Lost my mom.
Learned to paddle board.
Discovered SO MANY places to get a good cookie.
Gained 25 pounds.
Stopped going to church.
Visited 9 countries outside the US.
Rode the world's largest rope swing.
Rode a boat on the Nile.
Rode a camel around the pyramids.
Watched flamenco dancers in Spain.
Pet a tiger.
Swam in the Indian Ocean.
Saw the sun rise over Machu Picchu.
Lived through a pandemic.
Landed and shortly thereafter lost the job of my dreams.
Toured to 9 states with Story Pirates.
Built furniture.
Voted in 3 presidential elections.
Created and performed a show with the Utah Symphony.
Watched Elton John in a private concert in a random back yard in Beverly Hills.
Bought a Movie Pass and milked it for all it was worth before the company went belly-up.
Volunteered with 6 different non-profit organizations.
Got SO MANY gray hairs.
Grew a handle-bar mustache.
Discovered that I do not like coffee.
Slept in a hammock for 5 years.
Had 8 birthday beach bonfires (I think).
Had my first root canal.
Ran a half marathon.
Got into house plants.
Had three sets of head shots.
Got two celebrity phone numbers (Elizabeth Berkeley, and Don Swayze).
Sold my condo.
Established some new traditions.
Pretty much continuously had an annual pass to Disneyland.
Performed in 5 plays.
Joined the Screen Actors Guild.
Entered my 30s.
Got into podcasts.
Made a bunch of friends.
Built a life.
And oh so very much more.  

Only other event of note this week is that I got vaccinated!  I technically work for the UCLA medical school (in one of those numerous part-time jobs I have) and somehow that got me in line, and who am I to say no?

What I'm watching

This was VERY good, but not for the faint of heart.  There's a twist ending, and the film doesn't go in the direction you think it will, and they don't pull any punches, but I think it's going to start some important conversations.  

What I'm listening to

Jameela Jamil is a POWERHOUSE and I cannot get enough of her.  Even though I hate her just a little bit because she's one of those people who just sort of feel into a successful acting career with essentially no pavement pounding.  She decided to move to US from London for a change of scenery and her very first audition in LA was for The Good Place.  Regardless, she is changing the world.  I highly recommend following her on Instagram if you're not already.  Anyway, her podcast deals with body image issues, diet culture, societal expectations etc.  This week's episode is with Celeste Barber who has one of the funniest Instagram accounts around.  She parodies photos and videos of models.  Language warning for this one.  Regardless, it's worth a listen.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Emerging like a butterfly

Pic of the Week

Discovered this little guy while out for a walk.  Nature's pretty cool.

What's going on?

Honestly?  Nothing.  I currently have one tutoring student, and the kid I nanny and that's about it for work. Outside of that, I'm reading, watching TV, exercising, and trying to stay away from people as much as possible because Southern California is apparently THE COVID hot spot at the moment.  They say 1 in 10 Angelenos has now tested positive for COVID. What a dream. 

And how about that unrest in the capitol, eh?  If only we could have seen that coming. What a time to be alive.  

What I'm watching

This was entertaining, but not very good.  

What I'm reading

This is like, mystery, crime, and a little sci-fi all rolled into one.  Intriguing premise that I don't want to spoil because of how it unfolds in the story.  But if you're into crime novels or podcasts or TV shows, check it out!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

And a happy new year!

Pic of the Week

Just a little trip to the beach.  That means something entirely different in the winter in Oregon.  😂

Quote of the Week

-Parent of a kid who was attending the New Year's Eve camp I was teaching with Story Pirates.  Always nice to get positive feedback.  :)

What's going on?

We did it! We survived 2020!  Let's all take a collective breath.

I spent the week in Oregon playing games, reading, enjoying the view, watching movies, and eating WAY too much.  It was perfect. 

I'm back in LA where COVID is running RAMPANT, so I will be spending almost all of my time at home.  Hopefully I can find some good shows to watch.  Any suggestions?

No goals or resolutions for the new year, really.  Partly because so much is still up in the air, so it's hard to plan anything, ya know?  I wanna eat a little healthier, and maybe get serious about picking up guitar, do more hiking, but we'll see.  

What I'm watching

Honestly, the British just know what they're doing when it comes to TV.  Aunt Melissa turned me on to this one and I'm hooked.  In the season I watched, that blue-eyed ginger up there had a mustache and I think I prefer it.  

What I'm reading

Aunt Melissa also turned me on to this one, though a couple of other people have recommended it as well.  It's BEAUTIFUL.  Had me in tears several times.  Tender, magical, hopeful, funny, a true delight.  Now I guess I'll have to dive in to all of his other books.