Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween goats to the rescue

Pic of the Week

Look.  At.  These.  Goats!

What's going on?

Spent most of the week in Portland!  It's always so fun to get up there and visit the ol' Woodside clan.  Goats and puzzles and plenty of time to lounge and read and recoup.  Uncle Dan tried to recruit me to work on the goat farm, and honestly I don't hate the idea...

I also got to hang out with a good friend of mine for a day. We had a blast eating too many pastries, watching movies and TV, and enjoying to cool weather.  Lots of laughs and carbs and Australian accents.  

Traveling wasn't too bad.  Everything felt relatively safe and clean.  Alaska Airlines doesn't allow anyone to fly who isn't wearing a mask, which was nice.  

Not much else going on around these parts.  Welcoming the cooler weather, tutoring the children, getting into the spirit of the season with all things pumpkin. 

What I'm watching

This was pretty good!  In a lot of ways it's just a classic remake of the original, but with some fun updates.  There are even some clever nods to the original.  I enjoyed it. 

What I'm puzzling

Monster Banquet from the Vermont Christmas Puzzle Company. 550 pieces.  Aunt Sibby is also a puzzler extraordinaire, so we worked on this one while I was in town.  

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