Sunday, March 15, 2020

And so it begins

Pic of the week 

Along with the apocalypse, we've had quite a bit of rain this week, and there's a hike to a waterfall close by that is quite lovely after some rain. I haven't been there in a while, so I decided to get out and make it happen.  The trail was muddy, the people were few, the hike was perfect.

Quote of the week

"It's been like this all day."
-Guy working the cash register at Whole Foods on Friday when I stopped in to grab some lunch.  He said the lines of people shopping were pretty constant.  That particular store wasn't actually too bad on Friday afternoon.  Went to the Trader Joe's by my house later that night for some cheese and the place was cleaned out.  The entire freezer aisle was empty (except for the desserts).  Nary a canned good or loaf of bread to be found.  There was, however, plenty of ice cream and wine.  So. People are going bonkers.

What's going on?

That is the question.  Hope everyone is staying safe and clean.  Here are two things I found to be informative and helpful:

This rather long Facebook post goes into some of the math behind what's coming and reasons we should all be taking steps now to help slow to roll of the virus rather than continuing with business as usual.

This article from the Washington Post has some handy simulations of different scenarios and advocates again for social distancing.

So what I'm saying is yes, this is a big deal, and yes we should be hunkering down so it doesn't become a catastrophic deal.  Also, consider donating to food banks, buying gift cards from local mom and pop restaurants, checking in on the families of healthcare workers, tipping generously, buying pizza for the staff of the grocery store, etc. etc. etc.  There are lots of people out there with a "me first" attitude in this situation, let's spread a little more love and generosity.

Other than the slow decline of civilization as we know it, it was actually a pretty normal week.  I did a bunch of work as a standardized patient this week helping doctors learn how to gain consent for a blood transfusion. I did a little bit of tutoring, a little bit of Kidville, and a whole lot of reading.

I also started practicing the guitar.  I'd like to be semi-proficient at guitar, but just haven't had the motivation to really pick it up.  Somehow this keto kick I've been on, and the requisite discipline to stay at it has bled over into other areas of my life - which is awesome!  So I'm not doing a ton of practicing, but a little bit every day.  And it's already made a difference!  I'm excited to keep going.

Speaking of keto, as of today I have officially completed one month and the results are in - literally nothing has changed.  *sigh*  I had some high hopes, but I think my body is just very resistant to change.  So.  I had a goal of doing keto for a full 6 weeks.  I'm gonna keep it up for another two weeks - should be fine food-wise for the next week at least, who knows what the following week will bring what with grocery stores being emptied as soon as they're stocked, but I'm going to do my best - and then see where we're at.  I have some fitness goals I'd like to reach, but it's looking like there may be zero quick-fix elements to this.  Just a few months of discipline and hard work.  But I think I'm ready for it.

What I'm reading

So many things about the importance of social distancing to flatten the curve of COVID-19 spread.  Seriously everyone, stay home.

And also this:

Fascinating look at the secondhand industry - the global view, the impacts, the stats.  Another one to make you go, "Huh.  Maybe I probably don't need so much of the stuff."  Or at the very least, it might make you think about the longer picture of the stuff you do buy.  Also, I learned where the word "shoddy" comes from.  Turns out it's a kind of recycled wool fabric.  

What I'm watching

This was very good. I love the direction Disney and Pixar are both taking in terms of highlighting the role of love in more than just a romantic way, and showing the impact that all kinds of relationships can have in positive ways.

What I'm listening to

This cool website where you can pick a country and a decade and it will play music that you were likely to hear on the radio at the time.

What I'm cooking

Zuppa Toscana.  Don't let the "keto" part turn you off.  This soup was delicious.  Perfect for the cool, rainy weather we've been having.  A couple of modifications due to low supplies at the grocery store and vegetables I happened to have on hand:
Instead of Italian sausage, I used some breakfast sausages.  I used some cubed squash instead of radishes and shaved Brussels sprouts instead of kale.  It was a hearty, creamy, delicious bowl of warmth.

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