Saturday, July 14, 2012


25. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

God.  Seriously.  Not trying to be blasphemous or disrespectful, I just can't imagine a better person to have dinner with.

I'd let Him pick, so we'd probably be having something organic, because I think God supports that.  He probably also knows where to get the best food in town.  If I had any input, I'd just ask to go wherever they have the best dessert.

Best.  Dinner.  Ever.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


24. Describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

So, let's be real.  I don't always have the clearest of memories.  But here's kind of how it went down:

Dad was the boss.  You knew you were in trouble long before you ever saw his face because you could hear his footsteps echoing through the house on his way to lay down the law.  (Everyone who's ever met my dad agrees he's intimidating, though he doesn't see it.)

Mom was who you went to when you wanted to get something.

Our parents - as I have mentioned - were pretty much awesome.  We had a great childhood...or at least I remember it being that way.  I've also mentioned that we were not the most communicative of families.

The kids all have their personalities.  Sometimes they meshed.  I think more often they did not.  At least, the younger two had their fair share of disputes through the years.

These days I don't know that much has changed.  Dad has mellowed out.  Mom is still the go-to.  The kids get along better, but I think that tends to happen.  There are a 6 new people in the family.  We love them all.  We all get along just fine these days and look forward (or, at least, I do) to those rare occasions when we get to spend time with each other.  Also, despite our varying personalities, I kind of think we're all freaking hilarious.  True story.  Let it happen.

Friday, July 6, 2012


So...remember that one time I went on vacation for a month?

Remember how I may or may not have become slightly addicted to European orange Fanta so it's probably a good thing they don't sell it in the states?

And remember how while I was on vacation I saw 6 different stage productions and felt that yearning that only show people really understand?

Ya'll, I haven't been on stage in almost a year. This needs to change.

To that end, I auditioned for "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Glendale Centre Theatre.  That's where the Hale Theater family all started.  Seymour is at the top of my list of dream roles.  I was kind of hoping that having all that experience at the Hale in West Valley would give me a leg up and at least get me a callback (well, that along with my stellar talent...) but alas, it seems that was not enough.  I'm gonna be honest and say that I'm kind of surprised by that.  I certainly don't expect to be handed the role, but I did kind of at least expect a callback...

I also just sent headshots and resumes to the Santa Monica Playhouse that does family friendly and educational children's shows.

And here.  Cuz for real, who wouldn't want to do that?! 

Keep your fingers crossed kids.  This guy needs to get back on stage.  Amiright?!