Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chastity's back y'all!

I present the 4th Annual Chastity Party:  Dipping Chips Instead of Hips.

The spread and peeps gettin' crafty

First prize crafty winner - a limerick:

(There once was a young man called Cassidy
Who decided to practice chastity
He lasted 'til noon
When some girl named June
Offered to give him a hand with it.)

Second prize - pipe cleaner warning sign:

First prize chastity belt:

Second Prize Chastity Belt:

White Elephants were sparse this year.  Here was mine:

White Elephants also included such gems as party poppers, and a latch-hook kit.  Thanks to everyone who participated, it was a great evening.  Already looking forward to next year!  Though, of course, everyone hopes to be ineligible by marriage by that time.  ;)
A special shout-out to Sister Tullis from the ward for bringing by her married-person contribution.  Thanks for your support!  And for the delicious dessert bars.  
Stay chaste my friends!

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