Sunday, July 25, 2021

I'm getting through so many audiobooks...

Pic of the Week

Haven't seen one of these beauties since my basement apartment in college.  This guy was hanging out in my driveway last night.  Fun times.

What's going on?

Have I expressed how much I love a fresh, farmer's market peach?  Cuz seriously, they're incredible.

Chill week around here.  A little bit of work, a date or two, putting in some time on this whole audiobook journey, an audition, and a trip to the Hollywood Bowl.  It was so nice to get back to the Bowl.  They do a series of concerts during the summer, many of them with the LA Philharmonic.  They had a sale a few weeks ago and I got a couple of tickets - including last night's - for only $1!  So, I went with some friends and we had a lovely time.  Last night's concert was an artist named Ledisi (sounds kind of like legacy) who sang the music of Nina Simone and put on a VERY good show. Definitely recommend looking her up.

Oh, in a very adult moment, I also bought a rubber broom - you know those kind that you sometimes see on late-night infomercials that are for pet hair?  Anyway, turns out, they are incredible and really do get pet hair out of everything.  I used it on our living room rug AFTER I thoroughly vacuumed and it pulled up so much hair.  It was both impressive and disgusting - much like watching me eat my fill of donuts. 

 What I'm listening to

Fun little crime thriller mystery.  Award winning narration by Robert Bathurst.

What I'm recording

I'm volunteer recording this for an organization that helps kids with learning disabilities get better at reading. This is a fun, pretty funny little Irish tale about a kid detective solving crimes in the land of the faeries. It was a bit of a mixup getting this project, but it's been fun!  The whole thing is in an Irish accent, which has been challenging, but I'm still enjoying it. :)

What I'm watching

This is a continuation of the series from the 80s and so far it's really well done.  The whole vibe of the show is pretty true to the original and it's so much fun.


  1. I want to listen to your Irish accent book. I've got a struggling reader right now and have actually been thinking of doing my own low-tech recordings just for them.

    1. I can pass along what I recorded if you want. The organization is called Learning Ally. Not sure what their criteria for signing up is. Also, I think most main-stream children's and YA books have audiobook versions, and I've found most of them pretty readily available through the library.