Sunday, November 24, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 35

Pic of the week 

Quote of the week

"Don't do your job.  Come hang out with me."
-My manager

What's going on?

What a busy week.  I can't even remember what went on.  Lots of tutoring, lots of Kidville, a little bit of Story Pirates, an audition on the far side of town wherein I had to dance, naps, running, running, running, and a chance encounter with a 50% off running shoe sale - of which I took full advantage.  Merry Christmas to me. :)

Guys.  This time of year, though.  There are so many tasty things to eat!  TOO MANY!  And I haven't really even been to Disneyland in a hot minute!  But don't worry.  I have plans for that.  But how is a person supposed to stay svelte and comely with all of this rich, delicious food everywhere? HOW?!

We had a neurodiversity training for Story Pirates this week.  It was awesome.  We talked about how to make our programming more accessible to more kids, and how to make sure that all kids can enjoy what we do.  It kind of got me thinking about when subjects like this are brought up and people get their knickers in a twist about it.  Because I just think, why is it so hard to just...draw the circle a little wider?  Why does that cause people to get so defensive?  Is it really THAT hard for you to make a tiny adjustment?  I dunno.  Just something I'm thinking about.

What I'm watching

The Crown.  New cast.  Same old drama.  Honestly though, it's such a good show.  Find it on Netflix, k?

What I'm listening to

Too much Kidz Bop.  

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