Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 32

Pic of the week 

This is the view from a hill right by my apartment.  That line of gray you see along the horizon is smoke from one of the fires currently raging in the state.  We were safe, but have had some bad air quality for a few days. 

What's going on?

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope everyone had a most festive day.  I spent most of the of the day working at Kidville and was not emotionally prepared for all of the cuteness.  Toddlers in costumes is just too much.  During the week I got in some holiday-themed fun: watching Killer Klowns from space with some friends (BIZARRE movie, but fun to watch), hitting up some Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, wandering the neighborhood looking at decorations (some people around me get really into it.).  It was a fun week.

What I'm watching

Great British Baking Show!  It's just so good and so refreshing.

What I'm listening to

This song is a fun little jam.


  1. GBBS is so relaxing. When Dylan wants to totally relax, he watches How It's Made. I watch GBBs. Don't you just want to be there and hug everyone?

    1. Yes! They're the most delightful humans alive.