Sunday, March 22, 2020

Love in the time of Corona

Pic of the week 

This is a screenshot of the LA freeways during the typical morning rush hour on Tuesday.  LA freeways NEVER look like this.  Typically they'd be a solid web of red.  It's a brave new world, my friends.

Quote of the week

"The world is coming to an end; I started a puzzle."
- Me.  Nothin' but the truth around here.  I also finished that puzzle. So.

What's going on?

Howdy everyone!  How's everyone doing?  This was our first full week of the global pandemic and boy what a ride.  Story Pirates is working on some digital offerings and video shows for schools is part of that.  So I had a couple of rehearsals this week to stage some new stories, which were then passed on to the folks in NY to film and put together.  It's an interesting time and I think we're in a great place to offer some cool things to families and schools.  In fact, I think we're going to make some big announcements this week about everything we've got going on, but if you want a little sneak peak, you can head over to to see what we've got cookin' up.

It seems every educational company in the world is offering their services for free at the moment - and not just for kids - which is GREAT!  I got 3 free months of guitar lessons from Fender, 1 month of free access to the Great Course Plus, Beach Body has all of their workouts free for two weeks, not to mention all of the content available on Instagram and YouTube (at-home workouts, free lessons in cooking, music, art, etc.)  AND there are tons of apps popping up to help stay connected.  Netflix Party has been fun this week - though spotty in its effectiveness.  I've also used Kastapp for a movie party or two.  Anything I missed that I should check out?  I know there are several gaming websites helping people come together as well.

Is it just me or do sirens sound especially ominous in this social environment?

What a truly unprecedented time we're all living in.  Can't wait to get back to a time when I can just hug the crap out of everyone.

What I'm downloading


What I'm watching

Movie party with some friends this weekend watching this ol' gem.  A bit dated, but still a fun watch.

What I'm listening to

The advice of medical and scientific professionals to stay home.
Also, the latest episode of The Happiness Lab titled "Coronavirus BONUS: Coach Yourself Through A Crisis."  Good information for dealing with the overwhelming amount of info coming at us on a daily basis.

What I'm cooking

Eggs en cocotte.  Discovered this gem at an Irish-themed pub at Disney Springs in Florida.  So so good.

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