Sunday, October 18, 2020

It's a bug's life.

Pic of the Week

Just some friends I found around the house this week.  Top picture is a redback jumping spider who was chilling on my scooter yesterday morning.  He was a big guy, but they're harmless.  That caterpillar is a young tomato hornworm.  He - along with 6 of his friends - was chillin' on my tomato plant.  They've been wreaking some havoc there, so I had to forcibly remove them.  I'd like to give my little plant a chance to produce some actual tomatoes *fingers crossed*.  I also saw a smaller jumping spider chowing on a smaller caterpillar at the park earlier in the week too.  The circle of life.

What's going on?

Welp, I somehow managed to lose my other wireless earbud.  They lasted two months. This is why I bought the cheap ones.  *sigh*

Y'all, the season is upon us!  We're more than halfway through October and I carved my first jack-o-lantern in...a couple of years, I think.  It was fun!  And I think he turned out real cute:

Exciting events from this week:

I bought a paddle board!  I've rented a paddle board a few times, and every time I think, "I really enjoy this.  I should get myself a paddle board."  So I did.  Found a relatively inexpensive one from Costco and went for it.  I took it out for a spin on Friday and it was a dream.  I'm so happy about it.  :)

I signed up to start working the Democratic Voter Information hotline.  It's a hotline that's just there to provide information about where/when/how to vote. I worked one very slow shift, so I haven't really been able to answer any voter questions yet, but it still feels good to be participating in the democratic process in a helpful way. 

What I'm watching

I binged this show in 2 days.  It's so good.  Just a heads up that there's some language, but the show is so full of goodness, and kindess, and forgiveness, and it's so uplifting and heartwarming and just GOOD.  The world needs more shows like this.  If you have access to Apple TV, watch it.

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