Sunday, December 20, 2020

5 more sleeps til Christmas

Pic of the Week

How cute is this festive cactus I got at Trader Joe's?!

What's going on?

Christmastime!  It's only a week away, y'all!

My roommates left town last weekend, so I've had the apartment to myself all week.  It's been dreamy.  :)  I love my roommates, but I harbor a secret wish that someday I'll be able to live alone again.  Until then, I'll enjoy my delightfully empty apartment. 

Not a lot going on around here otherwise.  Pandemic, and all, is keeping things pretty low-key.

I went for a nice, long hike today.  I haven't been out hiking in a while and it was nice to be outside in the fresh air.  The parking was exceptionally busy, but I took a less-traveled trail and there weren't too many people, which was nice.

What I'm watching

I think I recommended this one last year, but honestly, it's so cute.  I pulled it up while working on some Christmas projects and enjoyed it just as much as last time.  Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

What I'm reading

You guessed it! Book 3!  Despite the fact that this cover makes it look like a romance novel, and the fact that there is pull-quote from the Romantic Times on this cover, this is not, in fact, a romance novel.  It is squarely in the fantasy genre.  Though, to be fair, the two main characters are romantically involved.  Married, even. The system of magic that this particular story uses is called "allomancy" and is basically based on different metals giving people special powers like strength, or emotional manipulation.  For a project, I had my genius kid come up with merit badge requirements for allomancy since he's working toward getting his eagle scout. He did a pretty good job.  I was impressed!

What I'm listening to

Christmas Cocktail Jazz on Spotify.  This is a great playlist to have playing in the background.  Festive, but not intrusive. 

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