Sunday, December 6, 2020

Cookies galore!

Pic of the Week

Friday was national cookie day.  This was just the first purchase of the day.

Quotes of the week

"This is Greg.  He's very handsome and very nice."
-The kid I nanny introducing me to his friend at the park.

"I accidentally read the whole thing."
-A kid I tutor referring to the 500-page book I'd told him to start reading 3 days earlier.

What's going on?

December is upon us!  Bring on the Christmas Season!  I just bought some egg nog and I am in heaven.  

Got a negative COVID test result this week, which was great.  Gonna get another test tomorrow just to be sure Thanksgiving didn't give me more than a couple of extra pounds. 

We spent a good portion of the week repainting our cabinets.  My roommates started the project over the Thanksgiving break, and we finally got it done.  Took a full week, but it looks great.  We now have a beautiful, clean, sleek, white kitchen. 

What I'm watching

This was really cute and has a rockin' soundtrack. Heads up that the main couple is a gay couple, so if that makes you uncomfortable, I guess steer clear of this one?  Or maybe get some therapy?

What I'm reading

This is the 500-page book I had my student read.  It's good!  It's a fantasy series with magic and whatnot.  I'm enjoying it so far.  I, unlike the genius boy, have not finished it.  I should soon, though, because I told him to start reading the second book in the series...

What I'm listening to

The latest episode of The Mormon Mental Podcast - number 214 - is called "Nuance in considering Late Term Abortion".  The guest is a nurse and midwife who brings some much-needed context to questions around abortion and I found it uplifting and informative. 

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  1. We joke about the staggering number of eyebrow raises in Mistborn. In one of the books even a dog does it!