Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Card Trick

I was super ambitious this year.  At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to do a kind of info-graphic, pie-chart, bar-graph, interesting statistic kind of newsletter and send it out with a Christmas card to all my friends and loved ones because I'm a grown-up now and stuff.  I even kept track of all kinds of interesting statistics for that very purpose.  All year long!

Then the end of the year got here and I'm broke, so I couldn't afford to print off cool newsletters, or Christmas cards featuring me in some festive scenery, or buy cool matching envelopes in which to send you the cool newsletter and card.

But I didn't want all of that fastidious statistic-keeping to go to waste, so I'm gonna do a makeshift newsletter here.  I also designed the card and I'm posting it here for your enjoyment as well.  (You can tell I put TONS of thought into the card because it says, "Full Name".  Maybe that's just the new nickname I gave myself.  You don't know.)  I realize you won't be able to tape it to your door, or hang it on your wall, or whatever it is you do with your Christmas cards (I put yours on my tree because I'm too poor for real ornaments, but it my very well turn into my tradition.  So for now your Christmas card is surrounded by hand-made origami ornaments.  In the future it may just be surrounded by ornaments bought on clearance from Target.  So, ya know, classier.) - unless you choose to print it off of course - but maybe one year I'll be rich enough to send you a Christmas card encased in chocolate or something, at which point it'll all be worth it.

Until then - Merry Christmas!

2012 RECAP!!!

It's been a pretty crazy year.  I've done 6 national commercials, an assortment of unpaid projects including student films, PSAs, and short films.  I worked for NPH in a haunted house.  I visited Spain.  Saw some shows on Broadway.  Went to Utah about 8 times.   Was rejected by Disney - twice.  Quit my job.  And considered getting a cat.  Life continues to be amazing and adventurous here on the Golden Coast.  I'm loving every* minute of it and cannot wait to see what 2013 brings.

2012 IN NUMBERS!!!


trips to Disneyland

books read

dollars spent on hamburgers

approximate miles traveled


The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Old Mr. Franklin was one fairly inspirational human.  He left home at 16 and did amazing things with his life.  His autobiography is not comprehensive, but gives a good idea of what his life was all about.  I think I'm gonna keep this one on my shelf for those days when I need a little boost of motivation.  I recommend everyone reads this at some point in their life.

Miss Peregrin's School for Peculiar Children

A quirky little tale using old, odd black-white-photos as the inspiration (photos are included in the book).  I like when I read a book and am surprised by what happens.  Not surprised in the sense that I didn't expect what happened a-la-mystery novel, but surprised by the creativeness and "different-ness" of the book.  This was one of those books.

Pillars of the Earth

This one is long.  LONG.  So be prepared for that, but such an amazing story.  I was fully engrossed.  It's set several hundred years ago and follows the interconnected lives of several sets of characters as they build a cathedral and a community.  Be aware that some of the situations/language in this book can be fairly adult in nature, but not gratuitously so.



  1. Loved Miss Peregrine's!! (Did you know it's going to be a series?)

  2. I have only been to Disneyland twice. I have been longing to take my kids for years! SO jealous.

  3. Hey! I came over from Northern Lights (where we both blog like blogging super champs, obviously) and I was like "who is this guy?" I'm impressed! It takes a lot of guts to pursue a dream like acting, and it sounds like you're doing some good things and stuff is culminating in a positive way. Good on you!

    Also, I totally thought the hand modeling page was a joke and then I clicked on it and I was like "wow, he is a good hand model!"