Sunday, August 11, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 20

Pic of the week 

As part of my life upgrade, I'm getting some plants for my room.  I saw a cute planter on Etsy that I wanted, but they were charging $45 for it.  It's pretty simple and I have a friend who does pottery, so I asked if he'd make it for me.  But then I went one better and asked if he'd show me how.  So he did!  We went to a little ceramics place and this is the start of my little planter.  It has to dry and then be fired and then glazed and fired again, so it's a bit of a process, but when it's done it'll look something like this:

Also.  Throwing pots is super fun!  And harder than it looks.  And I kind of want to take a class now.

What's going on?

Not much to update y'all on this week.  I was busy with all my jobs and enjoying life immensely.  I went to see a couple of plays with friends and by friends and starring friends and it was all thoroughly enjoyable.  If you ever get a chance to go see "The Play That Goes Wrong" I'd recommend it.  It was hilarious.

Other than the usual, I'm still in the middle of various projects to get my life and things in order.  Bookshelves and curtains and reading chairs and thrift store donations and planters and all that good stuff.  Slowly but surely it's coming along.

I had to take Phin in for a service this week.  My mechanic told me that mine is the scooter with the most miles on it that he works on.  It's got just over 60,000 - which is a LOT for a scooter.  He also told me he'd like to keep it on the road as long as possible.  He therefore did about $300 worth of extra repairs for free for me.  Super cool guy. And now Phin is running like a champ.  Not that he wasn't before, but even more so now.

What I'm coloring

Mandalas.  It's a fun morning meditation.

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