Sunday, October 13, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 29

Pic of the week 

I scanned in a bunch of pictures of Mom this week.  Sometimes she was kind of a goofball.  I really loved that about her.

Quote of the week

"Excuse me.  You look so handsome to me."
-A 4-yr-old girl to me after a Story Pirates show.  Heart - melted.

What's going on?

FIRES!  We sort of do that every year.  This year's fires are a bit further north than they were last year, but we still got all the smoke.  Luckily it was really only gross for about a day, and it's mostly cleared up now.  But where the fires were happening - about 15 miles north of me - they had to close down 4 different freeways.  And that's really quite something because traffic in LA is already a nightmare.

Other than a little bit of smoke, it's been another pretty chill week.  I did some tutoring, some Kidville, some Story Pirates (in the sun and it was VERY hot and sweaty), found some late-season peaches at the Farmer's Market, scanned a BUNCH of photos, finished up the Dark Crystal series, saw John Leguizamo in a play, ate tons of Mexican food, had a bonfire on the beach for a friend's birthday, and used soap nuts for my laundry for the first time (they're great!).

What I'm reading

A People's History of the United States. John Leguizamo's play, "Latin History for Morons," was a one-man show about the history of Latin people in the Americas.  He references a TON of books in the show and this was one that I was especially intrigued about reading, so I checked it out.  It's supposed to be really good.  I'll keep you posted.

What I'm listening to

This episode of the podcast Note to Self.  It talks about navigating your relationship with your phone and social media and all of that. Definitely something I need to revisit from time to time.

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