Monday, October 7, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 28

Pic of the week 

I went to the RiSE lantern festival outside of Las Vegas this weekend.  Honestly, one of the top three most beautiful things I have ever been a part of. Absolutely breathtaking. If you ever get a chance to do one, I cannot recommend it enough.  I believe they do it out on the salt flats every year, so if you're in or near Salt Lake, check it out! Or join me in Vegas next year!  I plan to make it a yearly tradition. More pics:

Quote of the week

"They're not very good for you, but they're really good." 
- Our waitress at the Greek restaurant we ate at for lunch talking about the spanakopita.  We ordered them.  She was right.

What's going on?

Not much to report outside of the Vegas road trip.  We managed to do entire weekend in Vegas without really having to deal with Vegas.  One of the friends I went with works for a hotel company and got us some killer accommodations at the south end of town, and we just kind of stuck it out there.  It was great!  We also discovered some TASTY food there, so if you need recommendations at the south end of town, we've got some great spots with some truly amazing servers.

I got myself a photo scanner off Ebay and have started scanning all of my photos etc.  It's been a fun little journey into the past.  It's really made me grateful that Mom was so diligent about getting our pictures every year for our birthdays.  It's fun to see how I changed and grew over the years.  I'm also scanning some old papers and art projects from elementary school.  It's hilarious.  On one I spelled my name "Gregoy" so feel free to call me that from now on.

What I'm watching

Judy.  It's a movie about the last 6 months or so of Judy Garland's life and a little bit about how her beginnings in Hollywood led to her unfortunate and somewhat tumultuous end.

What I'm listening to

Did you know Dax Shepard has a podcast?!  I did, but I hadn't listened to it until my friend Kasi played it on our way to Vegas.  Honestly, it's pretty fantastic.  It's called Armchair Expert. In this episode he interviews well-known relationship researcher John Gottman who can predict with 91% accuracy whether a couple will get divorced just by listening to them talk for an hour.  He gives great advice on how to have a stronger relationship, how to communicate better, and even how to have a better sex life doing things you wouldn't necessarily think would help that specific area!  Have a listen.  Heads up, the episode is pretty long - he talks to the good doctor for almost two hours, and then has a fact-check section for about a half hour.  Also, there's a small amount of language.

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