Sunday, December 8, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 37

Pic of the week 

Rainy days call for comfort foods.  Vegetables can wait til January.

What's going on?

I'm just hanging out in my onesie, sipping on some eggnog, listening to some chill Christmas tunes wrapping up a pretty awesome week.

Most of my week was consumed by Story Pirates auditions.  We audition new actors once a year, and once you're a Story Pirate, you're always a Story Pirate and you're basically eligible for any and all programming we may do throughout the year.  But we gotta keep a fresh rotation of people in the company because some people's lives go in unexpected and delightful directions.  Kristen Schaal, Amber Ruffin, Lauren Lapkis, Sasheer Zamata - all Story Pirates!  We also have people who go on to write for TV shows and the like.  It's pretty exciting to be surrounded by so many awesome people, honestly.

Anyway, our auditions are a really fun process of bringing a kid's story to life to see if you can do the thing we do.  So I just got to hang out with my friends and have a bunch of people delight us and make us laugh.  And some of those people will now be Story Pirates!  Mostly I just had a blast.  I really love my job.

In not so fun news, the ignition switch on my car decided to give up the ghost a little.  Kind of.  Its death rattles are becoming clearer and clearer.  I was unable to turn my key the other day.  A locksmith came and worked on it for a bit.  He said he couldn't fix what's wrong, but that it was once again functioning, though who knows for how long?!  I took it into the shop today and they said they didn't have the part and the place that would have the part was closed, but that they gave it a little tune up and it should work just fine - which was immediately proved wrong when I tried to start my car to leave the parking lot.  We were able to eventually get the key turned, but it's a real adventure every time I start my car now.  Will the key turn?  Won't it?  It's anybody's guess!  The guy at the shop said to try getting a new key made because it could just be that my key is 16 years old and might be too worn down to function properly.  So, I guess we'll try that and maybe get a replacement ignition switch another time.

An adventurous week all around.  Plus there was rain.  And I'm still training for a half-marathon.  Had a 9-mile training run this week.  That's the furthest I've ever run.  My knees are feeling it.

What I'm watching

What I'm reading

This beautiful example of what I think Christlike living looks like.  I was the recipient of one of those 1500 pizzas.  I probably didn't need it, but I can't tell you how much it meant. 

What I'm listening to

This podcast episode about Envy.

This podcast episode about Anger.

And this podcast episode about how our country is sometimes pretty terrible at compassion, which is frankly equal parts depressing and enraging considering how many people here claim to be Christian.

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