Sunday, December 29, 2019

Vol 2. Issue 39

Pic of the week

Christmas in Portland!  Puzzles with Grandma!  Goats!  Freshly hatched baby chickens! Aunt Sibby!

Quote of the week

"I want to watch something with a handsome man in it."
-Grandma on which Christmas movie she wants to watch.

What's going on?


Also, I didn't post last week because I was traveling and didn't take my computer with me.  Rest assured it was a mostly uneventful week of work and travel prep.  I did go see CATS with some friends, though, and y'all it was TERRIBLE.  In such a fun way.  We had a BLAST watching it, but it was so so so bad.  So, if you want a good time, wait til it hits the dollar theater, gather some friends, and go laugh your head off while continuously saying, "What on Earth is going on..."


I flew up to Portland to spend the holiday with aunt Sibs.  All of her kids were scattered to the winds for Christmas, and my immediate family was similarly dispersed, so we celebrated together.  Grandma was there, and uncle Dan was there, and my roommate came up too with her dog, so we were quite the crew.  We had a great time though.  Too much food, lots of Christmas movies, puzzles, treats, feeding the goats, watching the chickens hatch, naps, good conversation, and beautiful surroundings.  It was really nice to get away for a few days.

I flew back to LA Christmas Day because the little bro is in town helping out with the Rose Parade floats and he drove in that day.  We got Chinese food - our favorite Christmas tradition - opened some presents and ended the day well.  The rest of the week has basically been one long run of lounging, watching movies, eating treats, and playing games.  It's been fun, but if I'm being honest, I'm ready for life to get going again.  Hahaha.

The new year is right around the corner!  And most people think it's the start of a new decade.  And while technically that's not true (the new decade actually starts in 2021), we'll all treat it as a new decade, and that's fine.  Bring on the 2020s.

What I'm reading

This is so good.  Everyone read it.  These are important things. Heads up there are a couple of swears sprinkled in, but they are rare.

What I'm watching

Every. Christmas. Movie. Ever.  But mostly my favorite one:

What I'm listening to

On repeat.

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