Sunday, January 19, 2020

Vol. 2 Issue 42

Pic of the week 

Performed at Sketchfest in San Francisco this week with Patton Oswalt!  It was so fun!!!

Quote of the week

"And the winner of best kids and family podcast is...Story Pirates!" 
-Presenter at the iHeartRadio podcast awards.  I went to the awards show as the representative this year and accepted the award with my friend Mike.  It was fun!  And cool!  And now we have an award!  Check out our podcast!

What's going on?

What.  A.  Week!  I have been neck-deep in Story Pirates this week.  Had a bunch of training sessions with the new crew of pirates, a couple of rehearsals for a show this weekend, the podcast awards ceremony and performed in San Francisco at Sketchfest.  It was a whirlwind week, but so much fun!  I also managed to sneak in a couple of tutoring students, a movie, and some naps cuz I'm still kind of fighting a cold. 

ALSO!  It seems I have developed a bit of a repetitive stress/overuse injury in my ankle from the race training.  So as much as possible I've been trying to stay off my foot and give it some rest so that when I have to race in two weeks it's in tip-top shape.

What I'm watching

Honestly, I thought this was lovely. Go see it and bring tissues.

What I'm listening to

This fun new station I discovered on Spotify.  It's so peppy and lively!

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