Sunday, January 5, 2020

Vol 2. Issue 40

Pic of the week 

This is a wish tree we encountered on New Year's Eve while wandering around the Venice Canals. (Yep.  Venice, CA has canals too.  They're adorable.).  It was lovely to read through people's wishes for everything from a Barbie Dreamhouse to world peace.

Quote of the week

"Happy New Year!"

What's going on?

New year, new me!  Just kidding.  Same old me.  And that's okay!  No big plans for the year, honestly.  I'm cutting out sugar, and for the most part dairy and refined grains for January cuz I need a bit of a nutritional jump-start.  Also trying to drink more water cuz kidney stones apparently run in the family and that's not a life I'm excited to live.

It's been a very chill holiday season - lots of napping and movies and friends and too much food. Just the way I like it.  But I'm ready and excited to jump back into life.

Training for the new Story Pirates started this week and Yours Truly was in charge of it!  First time.  It's been a blast.

I got an Instant Pot for Christmas!  I used it for the first time to make some soup.  Here's the deal - Instant Pots are pretty cool, but they're not as instant as they make you believe.  Still, they are pretty easy and help make the cooking more efficient, so I'm all for that.

What I'm reading

This is the second book I'm reading from a list I stumbled on titled "10 Books About Race To Read Instead Of Asking A Person Of Color To Explain Things To You."  (So You Want to Talk About Race was the first) I think it's important to understand perspectives different from your own and see and understand that the world can look very different to different people.  Understanding, celebrating, and cultivating diversity are big parts of what I do in all of my work.  I make lots of mistakes, but I'm trying to do better.  I urge you to do the same!  Warning for those who care - there is some language in this one.

What I'm watching

It feels like these movies are always controversial, but I really enjoyed it.  It wasn't perfect, but I thought it did a pretty good job wrapping up the whole saga.  I think Star Wars is too much of a cash cow for them to be done with Star Wars movies, but it appears this is at least the end of this particular storyline, and I thought it was a great end.

What I'm listening to

Season two is out, y'all.  Google it, find it, get it, live it.  I think EVERYONE needs to listen to this podcast, but especially everyone in Utah.  Season 1 breaks down the deal behind MLM businesses and how they're basically a racket.  Don't get sucked in.  Season two is out and going in a slightly different direction, but I am here for it.

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  1. I was equally as jaded by the Instant Pot. Beans and grains like barley, yep. Super fantastic. But I'm not a big fan of soups and meats in there. This mashed potato recipe is amazing, though!

    And kudos for giving up sugar! It's hell! But the first 2 weeks are the hardest, then it gets easier. When you have a crazy craving, try eating a small bowl of raw oats with a little honey and ice cold milk to quell the sweet tooth. Also, set a 10 minute timer and drink a huge glass of water. Also, eat plenty of good fat and protein. And here's a REAL pro tip: if you're going to a party and you know there'll be lots of treats, sprinkle some of the herb GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE on your tongue before you go. It blocks your sugar receptors so the sweetness doesn't even register! You'll take one bite and walk away surprised by what you just tasted!