Sunday, August 16, 2020

Desk goes under the window.

 Pic of the Week

I had plans to build a big old epic queen-sized platform loft bed for my new room, but then a friend connected me with a friend of hers who is giving away an entire, basically brand new double bed for free and so that's what I'm doing instead.  So I nerded out with a measuring tape and some graph paper and this is the furniture arrangement I'm leaning toward.  

What's going on?

Not much happening around these parts this week.  I started packing up my room even though I'm not moving for another 2 weeks.  Just channeling some of that energy while I've got it.  Basically all that means is that I'll be living in a federal disaster area for two weeks.  

In some somewhat surprising news - at least for me - my plants are all thriving.  Seriously, they look great.  

I bought a jigsaw and a palm sander this week.  Originally to help with building The Bed™, but I also genuinely enjoy building things.  I had so much fun building my bookcase last year.  I'm not terribly good at it, but I enjoy it, and the more you do something, the better you get at it.  ALSO, people around these parts are always leaving scrap wood around at building sites and back alleys and the like, so I think I want to start picking that stuff up and building things out of it.  Small things like little bookshelves or desks or night stands or whatever and selling it as a little creative outlet/side hustle.  We'll see if that ends up happening.  I often have plans like this that don't pan out.  😂 If nothing else, I now have a pretty decent set of creative tools.  :)

What I'm watching

Re-watching this classic.  Can you believe it's nearly 20 years old?! And it really holds up. :)

What I'm listening to

This podcast has an incredible series called "Seeing White" that I cannot recommend enough.  Go forth and listen.  

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