Sunday, August 30, 2020

Goodbye, covered parking. Hello, free laundry.

Pic of the Week

This hibiscus flower is in the front yard of the kid I nanny.  It's as big as my face.

What's going on?

Welp.  This is it.  It's my last week on ol' Lucerne Ave.  I spent some quality time getting moved into my new place this week.  The woman I'm taking over from moved out halfway through August and was fine with me moving stuff in early, so I've been taking my time and stretching out so it's not a crazy disaster of a day on the 1st.  I was originally going to build a big loft bed situation for a queen bed, but then ended up getting a free double bed with a bed frame included! While making plans for my giant queen loft bed, I found a piece of plywood by our dumpster and set it aside. I decided to put it to use as a headboard and spent a whole day painting and getting it all purdy.  I'm VERY pleased with how it turned out:

I also did a little painting on the walls to add a pop of color and personality:

I think it's going to be a delightfully cozy little space.  Assuming I can fit all of my stuff into it.  Time to downsize a little, methinks.

What I'm watching

This is a delightful little romp on Netflix.  Short episodes great for taking a mental break for a hot sec.

What I'm reading

Good thoughts in this one.

What I'm cooking

This recipe that has nearly 19,000 ratings and close to 5 stars. First time making lasagna and it was a success!  So tasty.  And it turns out, lasagna is easier than I thought! Even though this particular recipe is a bit more involved than most.  Totally worth it.

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