Sunday, November 1, 2020

Eating my feelings til Tuesday.

Pic of the Week

Spending a little time out on the water.  There's a yacht in the marina that I've passed a couple of times that has a full-on garage on board.  You can't see it in this picture, obviously, but it's about two feet to my left here.  It's bonkers.  There's another giant mega-yacht called the Double Down that's hanging out down there.  I looked it up and you can rent for a week for a cool $415,000.  So.

What's going on?

Y'all, I am READY for this election to be over. I realize we may not know the final result of the presidential race for weeks, but man I want it to be done and over with. Interesting fact - nearly 2/3 of the total number of people who voted in 2016 have already voted in this election.  And Texas and Hawaii have already both surpassed their 2016 voter turnout numbers.  Bananas!  Hope you all have voted.  And I hope you voted in the best interests of the most marginalized among us.  

How was everyone's Halloween?  We didn't get up to much around here.  I didn't dress up cuz I had nowhere to go.  My roommates and I got massages yesterday - with COVID protocols being observed by one and all - and my guy DESTROYED me.  For rulls.  I learned that my version of hell is a never-ending, deep-tissue neck massage.  It was painful, but I kind of figured if he was feeling stuff that needed to be worked out, I'd suffer through it.  But when he was done I kind of felt like I needed a relaxing massage to recover from my massage.  We then came home, ordered Indian food, watched The Witches (the new one again, my roommates hadn't seen it) and went to bed.  It was a cozy little holiday celebration.

It seems the pandemic is now fully out of control (despite the White House's claims that it's over).  Not that it was ever in control, but it's decidedly getting worse.  And probably won't get any better as winter approaches.  Hope we're all prepared to hunker down.

Daylight savings is gone!!!  I had a moment tonight where I thought, "It feels so late!" and then looked at my clock and it was 5:30.  

Anyway, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and happy and all that jazz.  

What I'm watching

This revamp is honestly very fun.  And bonus - I know a guy who wrote on it!  He's a Story Pirate friend of mine.  :)
What I'm reading

Just a heads up that it's political, so.

A Letter to Trump-supporting Latter-Day Saints from a conservative Republican guy.  

Y'all know where I stand on the president.  I can maybe understand how people who lean conservative could vote for him, but to my dying day I will never understand how a member of The Church™ specifically, and a follower of Christ more generally could possibly vote for, let alone support and celebrate him when he embodies none of the things followers of Christ are taught to seek out. And frankly, at this point, if you are voting for him, I don't know that I would trust anything you have to say about Jesus.

*steps down off of high horse*

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