Sunday, November 29, 2020

Cherry pie is delicious. Apple pies are too.

Pic of the Week

Yes, we had 11 pies and one pumpkin roll for 16 people at Thanksgiving.  That's how we do.  From top going down: blueberry, apple, cherry, chocolate (made with vanilla ice cream), homemade pumpkin, chocolate (made with fudge tracks ice cream), banana cream, Costco pumpkin, two lemons, banoffee, pumpkin roll. (Also, the title of this week's post is a mnemonic device for remembering the formulas for the circumference and area of a circle - circumference is pi times diameter: C=πd , area is pi times radius squared: A=πr^2.)

What's going on?

Thanksgiving!  Honestly?  LOTS to be grateful for despite the state of the world.  I have a roof over my head with roommates I love.  I have plenty to eat, plenty to wear, a solid network of friends, work I enjoy, and free time for naps and TV shows.  It seems that everyone always has uses for more - more money, more time, more stuff - but I've got it pretty good.

I did a little tutoring at the beginning of the week, got another COVID test, and then headed out to Utah for Thanksgiving - against the advice of...basically everyone.  BUT I was taking precautions to minimize risk before leaving, while in Utah, and after getting back to LA.  Minimal social contact, masks, hand-washing, etc.  I've got a COVID test planned for tomorrow and planning to get another one in a week. Minimizing risk, folks. 

It was really nice to spend some time with family, eat way too much rich food, get some family photos taken, play games, watch movies, fall more in love with my nieces and nephews, and generally have a wonderful holiday. 

OH!  ALSO! I flew in to Salt Lake's beautiful brand new airport, and let me tell you, it was not designed with people in mind.  It took a FULL 10 minutes just to walk from my arrival gate to the front door.  That's probably a half a mile. And the signage was not the most helpful. Maybe they just haven't totally finished yet?  But if they have, just say a little prayer that whenever you fly out of SLC, you don't get stuck at a gate in the B concourse.  And today, on top of the hike just to get to the gate, they had to shuttle us on a bus to then get to the plane, and once we were on the plane, we had to taxi to yet another location to get the wings and tale defrosted before we could leave.  It was quite the journey. 

Finally, it's been a light week on the entertainment front.  Haven't started any new shows, podcasts, books, movies, recipes, or puzzles.  So, in lieu of the weekly recommendations, enjoy these photos of the cattle we ran into on the way to Fish Lake for family photos. 

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