Sunday, March 21, 2021

So. Much. Happening.

Pic of the Week

This is Polly.  She's a giant Story Pirates puppet that now lives in a storage unit because the theater where our office was located shut down (yay Covid!) and so we had to move our stuff into storage this week. Polly, I think, is angry that her horns fell off during the move.  And also angry that she has to live in a storage unit. 

What's going on?

Busy week!  This is probably the busiest week I've had in over a year.  It was nice.  Along with coordinating and executing the Story Pirates move, I did some babysitting, directed a Story Pirates show for a school specializing in students with Cerebral Palsy, hosted a volunteer event with Story Pirates with people from all over the world (we had attendees in India, Japan, Mexico, Australia, and the US), pretended to have a collapsed lung for 2nd year medical students for 3 days, tutored, and let some PA students jiggle my bits for science.  I also managed to get in some jogging, cycling, reading, TV, a hot bath, and sleep! 

It almost feels like life is back to normal.  Except for the part where I can't hang out with my friends in large groups, or go to the grocery store without a mask.  Seems like more and more people are getting vaccinated though, which is encouraging.  Plus Disneyland just announced that they're officially opening back up on April 30.  It'll be at limited capacity, and at least for the moment it's only open to California residents, but being a California resident, that's great for me!  I'm not gonna be one of those ultra-dedicated people who have to have a ticket to opening day, but I'll probably try and go sometime before the summer's over.  

What I'm watching

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we decided to bust out this old chestnut.  What a treat.  It's truly a terrible movie, but still fun to watch.  And it was largely filmed in Utah!  Hooray for tax breaks!

What I'm reading

Book 4!  Let's go!  This series still isn't as compelling as other fantasy series out there, but it's engaging enough to keep going.  There are plenty of fun, likable characters, and the storylines are interesting. Plus I'm invested now.  :)

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