Monday, July 1, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 14

Pic of the week 

I bought a new bike! Again! Although, it's really just new to me.  It's been around for at least as long as I have.  It's in good working order, though.  I just need to take it in for a little tune-up and replace the brake pads.  Might also add a rear rack.  Should be in ship shape condition in the next couple of days.  And don't worry, the first thing I did when I got it home was write down the serial number and register it online.  It came with a free lock, but I'd like to get a better lock - which I can register and the company will basically provide theft insurance.  

What's going on?

What's going on?! The year is officially half over, gas prices are on the rise, climate change, summer, peach season, democratic presidential debates, Tortilla Joe's, friends visiting, Story Pirates shows, free pizza, $6 Tuesdays, lack of affordable housing, Goodwill puzzle purchases, plants, health care costs, and someone needs to tell the library that 3 weeks is not enough time to read an 800 page book!

Also, I went to see Carly Rae Jepson in concert and it was...fine?  It was at the House of Blues in Anaheim and was a standing room only affair.  I'm also not super familiar with Ms. Jepson's music, so mostly I just learned that concerts are not my favorite.  I prefer entertainment that involves cushioned seating.  Or at least space to lay down a blanket.

I think I'm turning into a plant person.  I bought three different plants this week, along with a seed-growing kit.  And I also planted some flower seeds that I've had sitting in a box for quite some time.  All of my new plants are small and I think I prefer that they stay that way.  I just want a little touch of green.  Knowing how this usually goes, though, I'll probably end up with a jungle in my bedroom before long.  So far my plants are named:




What I'm reading

Just started this one.  We'll see how it goes.

What I'm watching

This movie was entirely unnecessary, but it was still cute.  Lovely story, great message, funny moments, fun new characters.  But honestly, they should have stopped at Toy Story 3.


  1. My plants are all named, too. Once I saw the most bizarre plant on a clearance rack at Home Depot. It was on the verge of death, so naturally I plopped down the $3 and took Matilda (Tilly) home. She looked like a 16" diameter succulent of some sort. I didn't know what to expect. 6 months later, she suddenly turned from a stout, thick leafed plant into an 8 foot tall vine! A year later she tipped over while we were out of town and died. I still don't know what kind of plant she was, but I miss her.

    1. There's an app for that now! You take a picture of the plant and it'll tell you what kind of plant it is. It's pretty cool.