Sunday, July 21, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 17

Pic of the week 

Candid shots are the best.  A friend of mine works for the Utah Symphony and hooked me up with some tickets to one of the concerts at the Deer Valley music festival.  They played all Disney music and this group of friends was the perfect group to go and sing along with.

What's going on?

I'm in Utah! The annual summer pilgrimage is upon us.  I came back to see my nieces and nephews while they're in town cuz I don't get to see them very often.  I also took the opportunity to finally gather all of my worldly possessions from hither and yon into one place.  I've had several storage bins worth of stuff in Utah since I moved and I thought it was probably time to have a bit of a reckoning with it all.  I condensed 5 storage bins down to 2, plus a couple of smaller boxes of photos.  Once I get it back to LA I'm going to do some serious de-cluttering with all of my stuff and get rid of some excess.  It's time.

Utah has been great.  It's been hot, but other than that, summer in Utah really is so lovely.  I saw 4 different performances of various kinds this week (two musicals, the Utah Symphony, and the ol' Tabernacle Choir with special guest Sissel.).  I got to eat lots of treats, visit the Salt Lake farmer's market, go on a beautiful hike, see tons of friends, and generally have a wonderful time.  I even introduced a new friend to Crown Burger! 

What I'm reading

This essay on one person's experience being gay in the church.  Worth a read, even if you disagree!

What I'm watching

I suppose "watched" is more appropriate since my roommate and I watched the entire season in one day.  😳 'twas good.

What I'm listening to

Audiobook.  It was entertaining.  Kind of a mix of Twilight and The Golden Compass.  It's an interesting world, I think, but I'm done with the paranormal romance genre.  I just don't need to read any more about some unattainably handsome creature and how deep his gaze is.  Ya know?  But it kept me awake on the way from LA to Salt Lake, so I'll give it points for that.  And honestly, I'll probably listen to the sequel on the way home.  And then finish off the trilogy just because. 

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