Sunday, February 7, 2021


Pic of the Week

Beautiful weather for a hike today, so I took advantage.  Always love some nature church.  Another stunning view looking out over the pacific ocean - though it's covered in clouds here. 

What's going on?

Happy first week of February!  This year seems to be flying by already. And every day closer to normalcy.  

I got my second dose of vaccine this week.  I got the Pfizer vaccine, and my second dose was entirely uneventful. I know lots of people who have been knocked out by their second dose, but other than a slightly sore arm, I didn't have any side effects whatsoever.  So I guess if you get a choice, go for Pfizer. 

Other than that, just a regular old regular week. I got to see some friends for park picnics, and it was great to get some social interaction. 

What I'm watching

Wasn't necessarily super jazzed about this show, but I heard good things from friends, so I checked it out.  It's pretty clever and lots of fun to watch.

What I'm reading

28 Days of Black History.  "A virtual exhibition of 28 works that celebrate Black legacy in the U.S."  Artwork, plays, literature, poetry, etc. delivered to your inbox daily to give some much-needed perspective to our history. 
What I'm cooking

Quick mole sauce. Mole sauce (pronounced mo-lay) is a Oaxacan (wuh-HA-cuh) thing, and it's delicious.  Just put it on everything.  This recipe makes a full quart of sauce, so maybe cut it down.  I adjusted it to have no jalapeno - cuz I don't like spicy food - I added an extra tablespoon of cocoa powder and added in some honey.  So far I've put it on chicken, couscous, meatballs, and potatoes.  Lovely all around.

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