Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I LOVE colorful socks, even though they tend to smell worse than white socks
I think probably once a day I am terrified at the thought that I moved to LA to be an actor
I want to learn to sail
I am an astronomy nerd
One time I was a hand model
I used to play 5 instruments with some degree of proficiency
Poppies are my favorite flower
I'm about 99% sure that in 2011 I felt lonely more days than not
I have broken more bones than the rest of my family combined
I got my first gray hair when I was 19 - it's taped in my journal
I am good at punting (like river punting, not football punting)
By traveling to 3 hemispheres (NW - where I live, SW, and NE), I covered all four (N, E, W, S)
I have a great-something-grandmother whose first name was Speedy.  If I ever have a daughter, that name's at the top of my list
I love the sound that leather-soled shoes make on hard flooring
I only went to middle school/junior high for 2 years
Every car I've ever owned - yep all 2 - I've bought from family (Phin isn't technically a car, so I don't count him)
I lived through a hurricane
I'm a lot hairier than you might think
When I was little I wanted to change my name to "Brad"
I have only kissed 2 girls outside the context of the theater


  1. I've just spent entirely too much time trying to figure out the hemisphere fact. I'm still a little confused. Also, you do have lovely hands.

  2. Ike - It means I've been in all 4 hemispheres - the Northern (North America), Southern (South America), Western (The Americas), and Eastern (Europe), but I've only been to three hemispheres because I haven't traveled to the Southeastern Hemisphere...yet.