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#3. Describe your relationship with your parents.

What an interesting question.  Especially because I know they'll be reading this, but I've vowed to myself not to hold back - not that that means you two have anything to worry about.  ;)

I think we've all had moments when we vowed we would never again grace our parents with the honor of our affection.  In fact, my father often said it's his goal to have his headstone read, "Here lies the meanest Dad in the whole world." or something like that.  Many of you know my father and I think 99% of you would agree that he can be an intimidating man - even though he can't understand why.  Because of that I never fought with my parents (with my Dad because he's intimidating, with my mom because then I'd have to deal with my dad - who's intimidating).  I'd just get angry on the inside and brood for a while until I got over it.  My family has TONS of checks in the "plus" column...communication just isn't one of them.  Honestly, I wish it was.  I wish we were the kind of family that talked to each other all the time, and shared anything and everything, and all that jazz.  But we're not.  And that's ok.  That's not to say we never talk, or we don't share things.  We just don't as much as other families.

As you get older you gain more perspective and when you look back at your childhood you can see that your parents weren't perfect.  But you can also see how amazing your parents were in a lot of ways.  It's a good learning experience.

One of the most amazing things about my parents, that I am grateful for on a daily basis, is how supportive they are of all of their children.  Some parents like to live through their children, or give them far-too-practical advice.  Not mine.  My parents have always encouraged us to do what we love, explore our interests, and follow our dreams (with just enough practical advice thrown in to keep us grounded).  In all my years of acting, at least one of my parents has come to see me in every single project I've been a part of.  Most of the time they came more than once.  It was the same for band concerts, my older brother's sporting events, little bro and sister's singing recitals - everything.  Always there. I know that if I say something like, "So...I'm thinking of moving to LA to pursue acting..."  I won't get an answer like, "That's so impractical.  You can't make money as an actor.  Why don't you just stick it out as a teacher, you like it don't you?"  Instead my father says - in essence - "Hm.  You should get some advice from your agent about that."  Seriously?!  How cool are my parents?! And it's not just me.  My older brother is a dentist, my younger brother is pursuing a career in hospitality...I think he still wants to be a wedding planner, my sister is a licensed cosmetologist who wants to open her own salon, and all along my parents basically just say, "Hell yeah!"  I cannot say how important that has been to me.

So, I know I was supposed to describe my relationship with my parents and just ended up telling you all how cool they are.  But that's kind of the same thing, right?

Parental top 3:

Dad - 
My dad is pretty much good at everything - sports, arts, cooking, computers, history, yard work, the out-of-doors, handiwork, whatever, my dad can do it.
My dad has a KILLER testimony.  Unshakable.  It's quite inspiring - and a very good thing as I've had to lean on it a time or two.
My dad is fiercely loyal to his family.  Even though his family (both that of his wife and children, and that of his parents and siblings) is a bit cray cray at times.

Mom - 
My mom is bad-a**.  One time she got punched in the face by a ghetto black woman while defending her children.  True story.
My mom has the best laugh on the planet.  Ask anyone.  I LOVE hearing my mom laugh.  It totally brightens my day.
My mom is unbelievably talented.  She has such a good eye for things like design & fashion.  She could have her own TV show.  In fact she should.  Let's start a petition.

Basically I love my parents.  They gave me my love of the arts, my work ethic, my testimony, my borderline obsession with Disney, and my cute little button nose. I get to go on vacation with them later this year and I am SO excited!

Two cheers for Ma and Pa Barnett!

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