Sunday, April 22, 2012


13. Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

2 Corinthians 12:9 - "...My grace is sufficient for thee:  for my strength is made perfect in weakness."

1 - Sugar. I speak very honestly when I say I might be addicted.

2 - I can be a very impatient person.  I really do try to just breathe and take a chill pill most of the time, but sometimes it's not so easy.  Especially if I'm tired.  Or hungry.

3 - Follow-through.  I make lots of plans.  Lots of plans.  I'm terrible at following through.  Sometimes I'm even good at sticking to things for a couple of weeks (I'm on week 3 of the Insanity workouts right now!  WOOT!) But usually I just lose the motivation to stick to things.  It's a problem. (Though sticker charts did help that one time...)

4 - I'm kind of judgmental sometimesallthetime. 

5 - Sticking to decisions.  This one is kind of like #3, but a little bit different.  Here I'm talking about sticking to my guns.  Personal integrity, moral conviction, keeping my pants on.  You know, just the big stuff.  You may read this and say, "What?!  You, Greg, clearly have no problem with this." And thanks to being raised Mormon by some pretty amazing parents, you're kind of right.  In general I've got things under control - but trust me when I tell you it's a daily fight.  And not like a 70%/30% or a 60%/40% sticking to it vs. giving in kind of fight.  Much of the time it's closer to a 50.5%/49.5% battle.  (Percentages calculated according to very specific, scientific, accurate methods) But I guess that's kind of what it's all about right?  Sticking to the fight even if you tip past that .5% every once in a while. 

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