Monday, September 9, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 24

Pic of the week 

My friend Toffer is currently living and working San Diego and came up to hang at Disneyland for the day.  My pass has been blocked out all summer and is finally unblocked!  Hot tip - the Tuesday/Wednesday after Labor Day are some of the best days of the year to go to Disneyland.  It was pretty dead.  Like, the brand new Millennium Falcon ride at Star Wars Land only had a 40 min standby line dead (we did single rider and basically walked on).  Like, pushing 100 degrees and the standby line for Grizzly River was only 10 minutes dead.  Also new and fun - there's a geyser at the end of Grizzly River that sprays up, but generally stops when a raft floats over it.  That did NOT happen when we went on the ride and we got SOAKED.  It was awesome. Here is evidence:

What's going on?

Aside from a magical day at Disneyland, I had a busy week of work and travel.  I went to Las Vegas to do a professional development workshop with some elementary school teachers and had a total blast.  We were training them in how we teach narrative writing and I think everyone had a lot of fun. Had a couple of auditions this week - neither of which panned out *shrug* and did some more ultrasound patient work.  This time they were looking at my heart, and according to the cardiac specialist who was training the doctors in using the ultrasound machine, my heart is in great shape!

And I bought some more plants.  Trader Joe's even had a Monstera plant for $10!  They're usually, like, $40!!! But I think I'm basically done with plant purchases.  My room is looking more green and lovely.  I might still need one more tiny succulent, but overall I'm happy with the life that's happening in my bedroom!  Now it's time to see how many of them survive.

What I'm watching

Heads up that there are some swears, but overall this movie was delightful. 

What I'm puzzling

This is one of my all-time favorite posters.  (It's a whole series, and they're all awesome.) My friend Mariah gave it to me in puzzle form for my birthday and I'm FINALLY getting around to putting it together. When it's done, I'm going to frame it and hang it on my wall.  I'm very excited.

What I'm listening to

Here's the deal: (heads up that I'm going to use the word "Mormon" here in a way that Mormons aren't going to like, and isn't agency wonderful?)  In the last few years I've been listening to a lot of liberal/fringe/progressive podcasts around Mormonism.  I think there are some fascinating ideas out there, and ways of looking at the faith I grew up in that are new and exciting and vibrant.  One thing that has come up time and again in these podcasts is the idea that Mormonism is pretty terrible at talking about sex.  And I have to agree.  That's not to say that the doctrines and beliefs Mormons hold around sex are bad, just that the way we teach and approach those doctrines and beliefs is problematic and damaging.  I can speak to this from personal experience.  All this is to say that I listened to a series of episodes on the Mormon Sex Info podcast (hosted by licensed sex therapist and active member of the church Natasha Helfer Parker) about pornography and sexual messaging in the church and I think they should be required listening for every parent and leader, and really every member, in the church.  You can find them here.  Episodes 18, 20-22, and 33-34.  I think if you get them from this website, they're $1.25 per episode, but you can download episodes 18 & 20-22 for free in any podcast app. Mostly I highly recommend anything Natasha Parker does. Also anything Jennifer Finlayson Fife does.  Her series "Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist" on the Rational Faiths podcast is awesome.  These two women should be speaking in general conference.

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