Sunday, September 1, 2019

Vol 2 Issue 23

Pic of the week 

I made this! From scratch! I've been looking into getting a bookcase for a while and saw this really cool one on Etsy that I LOVED, but it's so expensive!  For a plywood bookcase!  And I thought, "I could make that.  For probably, like, $100."  So I did!  It's not perfect, but I am over the moon with how it turned out and pretty proud of myself for making it happen.  Especially since I basically built the whole thing with nothing but a jigsaw and a drill. (I did end up purchasing myself a circular saw - Craigslist for $20! - toward the end, which helped with some of the doors and stuff). I learned a lot in the process, and will probably make some more stuff at some point in the future because I also really enjoyed making it!  If I ever have the space, I may build some furniture as a little side gig.  Who knows!  Also.  I'm going to turn my mate (MAH-tay) cups into succulent planters.  CUTE!  Here are some pics of the process:

Also.  I had enough wood left over for a matching little side table. 

And I still have a plank of wood.  What should I make next?!

What's going on?

So many things!  It was a very busy week.  During the summer, we at Story Pirates like to check in with everyone since it's our slow time and see how everybody's doing, and how their last year has been and what goals or hopes they have for the year to come.  It's really fun, and also pretty time-consuming.  I started having some of those meetings this week, along with starting up new director training, and also putting together an After Dark show.  Most of our Story Pirates shows happen during the day, at schools or performing arts centers or what have you, but every once in a while we do a show "After Dark."  Traditionally these have been shows exclusively for adults - still family-friendly shows, just no kids allowed.  But since Story Pirates is growing and becoming more and more recognized, these have turned into family shows that happen in the evening.  Anyway, we haven't really done them a lot in LA because of a lack of space etc.  But we found a space and decided to go for it.  And it was a blast! 

All of that Story Pirates madness was mixed in with some hours at Kidville, a tutoring student, a job at UCLA medical school where I pretended to have a cough, some Shakespeare, and working on that beautiful bookshelf up there.  Also.  I seem to have come down with a cold here toward the end of the week.  But whatever!  Life is fun!

What I'm watching

This show is so good!

What I'm listening to

This episode of the podcast Revisionist History was fascinating (as are most, if not all of the episodes of Revisionist History).  I found the part about people's propensity to assume truth especially interesting.

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