Sunday, May 16, 2021

Eat Wheaties!

Pic of the Week

This is what happens when you're rushing to get out the door and accidentally spill your breakfast smoothie.  Luckily I'd already drunk most of it.  *facepalm* Let this be a lesson to us all.

What's going on?

Another pretty chill week around these parts.  Some work in various fields, some delicious foods (found a new place that does chicken sandwiches on waffles!) Cycling, and running, puzzles, and movies, and reading.

Something smells funky in my front room, so I'll probably spend some time figuring out what that is.  Isn't adulthood glamorous?

Wish I had something more exciting to report, but alas.  Just know that I'm getting plenty of sleep, and probably eating more than I need to.

What I'm watching

 This was honestly a delight. Tony Hale is so funny.

What I'm reading

This is a kind of sequel to the Sherlock Holmes stories.  In this one he takes on an apprentice, who is a feisty teenaged girl.  It's lovely.

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