Sunday, May 9, 2021

Moms are rad

Pic of the Week

You know how sometimes you can hear a picture?

What's going on?

Happy Mother's Day!  Always a bittersweet day.  But I'm grateful for strong female role models of all types and the immeasurable impact they've had on my life.  Thanks to all the mothers, the would-be mothers, the other mothers, the can't be mothers, the don't want to be mothers.  You're doing great!

More chill vibes happening around these parts this week.  Nothing of note to report, honestly. Riding the waves of existential ennui.  What Adam Grant calls "languishing".  It's a delight.  *sigh* But honestly, I'm fine.  There are books to be read, and trails to be hiked, and plants to be watered, and puzzles to be solved.   Sometimes you're just in a bit of a funk, and a lingering pandemic doesn't help. 

My friend Tara and I have taken to sending each other a list of the plants we eat each day - mostly fruits and vegetables - as a way to both motivate us to make sure we're getting plenty, and keep us accountable for getting enough.  Here are all of the plants I ate this week: chard, collard greens, lettuce, blueberry, strawberry, mango, acai, banana, tomato, bell pepper, mushroom, celery, butternut squash, corn, cabbage, potato, kale, summer squash, garlic, beet, radish, onion, pickle, carrot, cucumber, cara cara orange, peas, edamame.  Not a bad list for the week, I'd say.  

What I'm watching

This is kind of a dark, gritty, magic-laden world of intrigue and mystery.  It's fun!  

What I'm reading

Warning that this is some queer, feminist literature.  And it's beautiful.  There's also some language, so be doubly warned.

What I'm puzzling

Classic movies panoramic puzzle!  I think the actual puzzle is one or two more posters wide on either side.  It's a fun one!  I like to do these puzzle without the help of the box, if I can.  It's fun to see if I can.  :)

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