Monday, May 24, 2021

Is it a paper airplane?

Pic of the Week

Came to Utah for the weekend and built a fort with the kids.  We also got McDonald's, cookies, watched a movie, and had a freeze dance party.

What's going on?

This was a BUSY week.  First truly busy week I've had in a while.  Did a Story Pirates show, a couple of ultrasound workshops, tutoring, nannying, pelvic exams, 2 auditions and a callback, got an eye exam, and even snuck in a date. Also bought myself a fancy new blender because I was wearing down my roommate's. 😬

It was nice to be out and about and busy with things all week.  Almost felt like normal life!

There's a new airline in town and they've got airfare between Burbank and Ogden for super cheap, so I snagged a ticket a couple of weeks ago ($38 round-trip!) and came to Salt Lake for the weekend.  My flight was only about half full, which was even better!  I've spent the weekend seeing a couple of friends, hanging with Brianna's little nuggets and eating FAR too many cookies.  I'm hoping these tickets prices stay low for a while.  Might persuade me to spend some more time in Utah. 

What I'm watching

New Amazon Prime series.  Each episode is one person's story, and they all involve only that one person.  I watched the first three episodes with a friend.  Seems they are all separate stories, but may all be connected further into the season.  It's really well done, and I'm excited to see the rest of the season!

What I'm listening to

During the ultrasound workshops this week, I basically just lay on a bed while people looked at my insides, so I listened to a LOT of podcasts.  A couple of recommendations from this week:

On the Media: Trans* Formations - fascinating episode about the trans community.  Regardless of your feelings about what kinds of policies should, or should not, be in place, this offers a dose of science-centered, fact-based information that I found fascinating.

Worklife by Adam Grant: S04 E13, How To Bust Bias at Work - Adam Grant studies organizational psychology, so even though this is geared toward a work setting, I think a lot of these thoughts apply more broadly.

Mormon Sex Info: Family Acceptance Project - I tend to be a pretty resilient, stable, well-balanced individual despite some risk factors present in my upbringing.  (Fun fact: those who grow up in communities that are not affirming of LGBT identities, like Mormonism, are at 8 times higher risk of suicide). But I sometimes wonder where I'd be mentally and emotionally if those risk factors had been further mitigated.  The information in this episode is vitally important for the mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being of LGBT youth, especially in communities like the Mormon faith that don't always have the best track record when it comes to LGBT issues.  

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