Sunday, May 30, 2021

Peach season is back!

Pic of the Week

This is one of my favorite things about spring in LA.  These are jasmine hedges and these little white blossoms are so fragrant.  This stuff pops up all over the city in the spring and makes everything smell so fresh and nice.  This particular hedge is at a park where I do a little class for some toddlers once a week.

What's going on?

Another busy week, but a tad more chill than last week.  Plenty of work to keep me occupied.  Had that lovely LA experience a couple of times where it took me an hour to get to work and 20 minutes to get home driving the same freeways.  I went to the movies today and apparently a bunch of US theater chains - including AMC, where I see most of my movies - aren't requiring vaccinated folks to wear masks, though LA still has an indoor mask mandate in place until June 15.  But after that, I won't really have to wear a mask anywhere!  Yay science!

What I'm watching

This was really fun, and BEAUTIFULLY designed. It was a tad long, and maybe not the best for younger kids, but definitely an enjoyable couple of hours. 

What I'm reading

Great read so far on what masculinity is and should be.  He also gives a great TED talk on the subject that every man should watch.

What I'm listening to

Found a new podcast called Body Stuff and the first episode debunks some myths around how much water we should be consuming every day.  Made me feel much better about my water intake habits.  

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