Friday, May 18, 2012


22. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

I wrote a similar post to this about 3 years ago, and I think my path is already quite different from what I'd envisioned there.  Which is why these kinds of questions are so fun!

This question is also hard for me because I don't really know where to see myself in 6 months, let alone 10-15 years, but I'll try anyway.

5 years:   Still living in LA - hopefully in my own place.  Natty's great, and my current situation with her is absolutely perfect for where I am right now.  But in 5 years I hope to be at a point where I might even be able to own a place out here (possible, though not necessarily probable).  I'll have lots more commercials under my belt.  I'll have joined the union by then, be getting my free classes and yearly free pair of shoes (true story, sometimes being an actor is really cool).  A couple of TV appearances - co-starring and guest-starring roles.  Things will be good.  I may have permanently transitioned to perpetually short hair.  I will have a new scooter - they only last 40,000 miles or so and I'm already at 10,000 with Phin.  Hopefully I'll have a new car as well.  Charley's gettin' up there.  The relationship department is anyone's guess.  I will have also joined the ranks of the family ward regardless of whether I'm accompanied by a wife.

10 years:  Kickin' it in Cali.  In 10 years I'll hopefully have a super swanky place in a really nice neighborhood.  Cool furniture.  Maybe a birdbath.  I'd like to have landed a series regular role on a successful sitcom - something that runs for 6-7 years and gets picked up for syndication.  Maybe I'll have "sold out" and become an advertising spokesman for something like Apple or Hot Pockets.  I think I'll still have a scooter.  I really like my scooter.  I think maybe there will be some non-profit organizations involved in my life.  Something educationally themed.  I'll volunteer at schools and do plays at the children's theater.  Hopefully there will be a wife and a couple of little ones in the picture by then, but again - anyone's guess.  If there isn't a wife, there may be a cat.  Hypoallergenic cuz my mom's allergic. 

15 years:  I'll be almost 45.  That kind of blows my mind right now.  I don't even know what to project.  Successful career, maybe by that time I can move back to Utah and work from there like the guy on Modern Family.  I hope I don't have a bad haircut.  I also hope that I've managed to keep myself grounded and that I've never been called to be a bishop.


  1. I nodded and smiled through this. Until the end. The last line caught me off guard and I didn't nod or smile. I laughed out loud like a crazy person. Thanks for making my morning better :)

  2. I'm allergic too, so I'm happy about the hypo-allergenic portion ... The rest too.