Saturday, May 19, 2012


23. List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

1 - Theater.  It's invigorating, inspiring, enjoyable, different, and I LOVE making people smile.  Fact.

2 - Reading.  There's just nothing like getting caught up in a good book.  

3 -  Eating delicious food.  I'm not a foodie or anything.  I just really like good food.  And now I own a couple of killer workout programs so I justify eating even more delicious food!

4 - Movies.  I don't know if I can consider this a hobby, I just like to watch movies.  A friend recently asked me if I'm a "movie buff."  I think I'd have to say no.  I don't know a lot about movies, and though I've seen my fair share I wouldn't say that I've seen a ton of movies, most of my favorites aren't on any official lists or anything, but I like watching movies.  And since it's my industry I should probably list this as a hobby eh?  But seriously, I do like me some movie time.

5 - I can't really think of anything else...I have other interests - music, dancing, astronomy, at-home science experiments, education, Disney, arts & crafts - but nothing I really spend a significant amount of time doing.  Maybe I should take up a new hobby...

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