Friday, October 19, 2012


Let's just be real - I love dessert.  More than most things.

Everyone knows I love me a good brownie, but cookies - really good cookies - are right up there.

In Salt Lake City I can tell you half a dozen places to go for a killer cookie.

In Los Angeles, after living there for 2 years - I can't really even think of one.  It makes me kind of sad. I've had some okay cookies, but nothing to compare with what I left behind.

Help a brother out.   Best cookie in LA.  Go.

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  1. So, it isn't exactly in LA (maybe it is and I just don't' know it) But down in Laguna Beach they have a restaurant called BJ's Brewery, and they have a dessert called a Pazookie. It is a hot cookie (in various flavors) topped with ice cream and yummy goodness. If you are ever down that way I would get it! -Your favorite Twin Sistert