Monday, October 22, 2012


About a month or so ago my ward had this big thing.  I was out of town or something so I actually missed it, but I liked the premise.  It was called "A family of one."  The concept being that even though we're single we should behave like a family.

That got me thinking about some things.  I feel like I do pretty good with this.  I have a small food storage, pay my tithing, try to find opportunities to serve, do my best *usually* with my callings, etc. etc. etc.

Somewhere in this thought process my mind was turned to traditions.  Traditions are something you usually associate with a group of people - family, good friends, co-workers etc.  I love traditions.  They just make me happy.

And I thought, "What kinds of traditions can I have/start as a single person?  A family of one?"  Many of the traditional times of tradition naturally fall when one is with family - Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. Sometimes they don't.  I would really like to start some traditions of my own that I can incorporate into a *possible* future family life.

But where to start?  Halloween?  Every Blue Moon?  The Summer Solstice?  Every 5th Thursday?  And what should my traditions be?

I think the Chastity Party may be a thing.  We'll see how it looks this year...

How bout you?  Suggestions?  Any fun traditions you like?  Anything I should look into?


  1. I responded on my phone, It must not have gone through. Here are a couple of my personal traditions:

    Watch the sunrise every easter.
    Paint something new every fall that takes me more than a month.
    Read a thriller every October.
    Eat ice cream outside in the first spring thunderstorm.

  2. My family has a tradition we call "Pie Night." The night before Thanksgiving, we invite our friends to my parents' house and eat about 12 different kinds of pie (new recipes are added every year). We've been doing it for about 15 years now. The theory is that you get too full on Thanksgiving to really appreciate the pie but... we eat Pie on Thanksgiving Day, too ;)