Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Tree of Life

Did anyone see that film by Terrence Malick?  It was very artistic.

Anyway, I've had some stuff on my mind for the last week - understandably.  I've just kind of been pondering what my life is going to look like now that I've decided to be a voice for good in the world.  For anyone interested, starting with a post next Sunday I'll be a regular blogger on the North Star website.  North Star is an organization designed to help support members of the church who deal with Same Sex Attraction, along with family and friends who are looking to support loved ones.

I feel like it might be a tough balance for me.  In my post last week the main point that I make is that my attractions are not what I use to define myself.  I tend to steer clear of groups, events, even websites etc where that becomes the focus because it's so easy to get wrapped up in it and let it define your life.  I'm interested to see how I come to grips with that conundrum.  Any suggestions?

Since I was asked to join the blogging team over at North Star I've been pondering what I'd like to write about.  What can I say that will uplift others?  Help them choose to be happy?  See that life can be fulfilling regardless of hard challenges?

I'm not sure I have the answer to that question yet.  But I know it'll come.

Incidentally as I've been pondering this issue I've remembered specific instances when I've shared part or all of my story with individual friends and family.  Perhaps the most awkward was when I confided in a friend of mine from the MTC.  Awkward only because we showered together every day back in the days when the MTC had the good old community showers.  (Great idea.  "Hey, you can't act on your attractions, but we'll let you shower daily with a bunch of other young men."  When I found out about that it was almost enough to keep me from going on a mission.)

Anyway, thanks again everybody for your love and support.  Glad to have you all along on this little adventure of mine.


  1. Why not post about everyday stuff? Sort of like the Modern Mormon Men blog? Just keep it chill. There have to be at least a few North Star readers who'd appreciate something off the "usual" topic :) Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be great!

  2. I agree with Mrs.O'C.

    To be more 'on topic,' you may want to focus more on your testimony of LDS doctrines, share why you are a Latter-day Saint and how that guides the decisions in your life, not just those in relation to 'the struggle.' (In other words, just share what life is generally like as a happy, fulfilled, single LDS man out in the world.)

    (The MTC showers were what kept me from serving a mission when I turned 19.)

  3. When I had an unhealthy addiction to facebook, I had to set boundaries for myself, like "Facebook Fridays" or only getting on if I had exercised and read my scriptures that day. I still proved too lame and had to just delete my account all together. Set boundaries for yourself and stick to them! If for some reason you find you keep getting sucked in to the website, just quit.