Thursday, October 4, 2012

I oughta be in pictures.

I like it in old-timey movies when people call movies "pictures".  I'm gonna start doing that.

I have a friend who has a top 10 list of his favorite pictures.  He's something of a movie buff.  It's funny, when any of those films come up in conversation he'll say, "That's my #7 favorite movie of all time." Or whatever # it happens to be.  I like that he's so specific.  It got me thinking about my top 10 pictures. I think one could conceivably have several top 10 lists:  Top 10 best, top 10 most influential, top 10 favorite, top 10 funniest, top 10 could-watch-over-and-over-again, but I think I'll just stick to my top 10 all-time favorite pictures.  And I don't know that I'd be able to decide which ones I like better than the others, so in no particular order - and according to today only.  This will likely be different at any given moment, though some will certainly remain the same...but I digress:

1 - Clue
2 - Muppet Treasure Island
3 - Charley and the Chocolate Factory
4 - The Princess Bride
5 - The Toy Story Trilogy (I know it's more than one movie, but this is my list.)
6 - The Wizard of Oz
7 - Thoroughly Modern Millie
8 - Amelie
9 - Ms. Pettigrew Lives for a Day
10 - To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Pictures I love that didn't make the list today:

The Incredibles
Finding Nemo
Sleeping Beauty
The King's Speech
Connie and Carla
What's Up Doc
Sherlock Holmes
The new Batman trilogy
Joe vs. The Volcano
The Birdcage
Sunset Boulevard
To Kill a Mockingbird
Anything by Christopher Guest

What are your favorites?

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  1. Clue!! I thought I was the only one who loved that movie! So funny!!! Herr's my favorite part: